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1. Can I layer the perfumes?

Yes you can layer different perfumes together as they have been designed in a similar way in terms of architecture of the fragrance so they can marry well together.

There is no other recommendations than trying what makes you feel best and mix the ones that correspond to your mood.

You can also layer our dry oil and the corresponding perfume for a more intense trail.

2. Why are there stones inside?

In our quest to develop a perfume that would enhance mood and shift energy positively, we have looked at ancestral feel-good knowledges. One of them is Lithotherapy or how to use semi-precious stones and their vibration to bring more harmony in the body. We have worked with a specialist who has recommended the semi-precious stone that would best enhance the corresponding emotion for each of our perfumes.

We also know that women love jewels and beautiful stones so we felt that on top of their energetic property, the semi-precious stones would add a gorgeous and unique touch and would perfectly illustrate our philosophy that the best is always inside.

3. Why this price point?

Our perfumes are made of the most precious and expensive ingredients: essential oils, minerals, semi-precious stones.

They are also developed by the best perfumers in the world and are hand-made in France.

This was key for us to only put the best inside the bottle and work with the best talents to deliver a very unique and innovative range of products.

4. Where is it produced?

Our perfumes are hand-made in Grasse, France, the epicenter of Fine Perfumery.

5. Are the products tested on animals?

No our products are not tested on animals. We have a very strict policy on this.

6. Are the perfumes Vegan?

Yes, our perfumes are vegan.

7. What is CMR?

CMR is the acronym for Cancerigen Mutogenic Reprotoxic. This is a list of substances that potentially provoke cancer, mutation and have an impact on fertility.

Valeur Absolue products DO NOT contain any of these substances even if some are authorized in low concentration and can be found in perfumes.

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